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Lefant LMJ3 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset FOV96 IPD Focus Adjustable with Control Gamepad

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Lefant LMJ3 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset FOV96 IPD Focus Adjustable with Control Gamepad


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Adjustable Head Strap
Keeping in mind the varying size differences amongst wearers, the ergonomically contoured adjustable head strap is designed with material of a superior elasticity. This provides a consistent level of comfort and stretches when needed so that you may adjust it to fit any user securely.
Our custom-made VR lenses offer the most immersive feeling with a 96 Degrees Field Of View.
IPD & Focus Adjustable
IPD and Focus can be adjusted to adapt to your eyes. IPD adjustment function enables the distance between the lenses to correctly match every user’s interpupillary distance (the distance between the centers of the pupils in both eyes) to have extended range. Undoubtedly, the ideal solution for glasses wearers would be focus/diopter adjustment, allowing no glasses to be worn, but enabling users to adapt the lenses to their exact vision prescription.
Compatible with 4.7-6 inches Android Smartphones
The headset is customized to work with the majority of Android smartphones sized between 4.7-6 inches, relieving any stress one may have about compatibility with their current and future phone model
Product Specifications:
Product model: VR Glasses LMJ3
Size: 198*104*138mm (210*200*110)
Weight: 360g
Lens: optical resin lenses
Goggles: Memory foam
Definition/view angle/aberration
Virtual screen distance:Approx 3M, 1050 inch giant screen
Gamepad: Bluetooth gamepad
Compatibility: 4.7-6 inch smartphone
Package includes: 
1 x Lefant LMJ3 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset 
1 x Bluetooth Gamepad Remote Control (Batteries not included)
1 x User Manual 

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